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RunWithIan Values

Give first

At RunWithIan we believe that success is both greater and far more rewarding when we focus on helping those around us reach their potential. The mentality of giving more than taking focuses us on how I (and all of us) can help instead of 'what do we get in return?'. We believe this way of operating leads us to higher purpose, increased happiness, and better relationships with those in our lives.


We before me, I before you

We believe that success begets success and that we are stronger when we play as a team. We believe all of us in the RunWithIan family share our success with others as humility grounds us and keeps us away from arrogance and complacency. We support each other and each other’s successes. When problems occur, we are vocally self-critical and take ownership of our own mistakes instead of deflecting blame.


One percent a day

Small gains add up to a big gain over time. From improved event and product features to the training methodologies employed, I personally push for gradual improvements every day from each of you and myself. This often means that we are raising the bar on each other which fosters an environment of growth and performance. A good example of this is the online booking system which was improved every other day last year. Sometimes raising that bar is painful both physically and mentally but with it comes enlightenment and growth. I am grateful to those of you who challenge me.


Hold strong opinions loosely

We (and I ) try our best to hold opinions with conviction but remain open-minded to being wrong when better logic or data presents itself. Even when we know we have executed poorly, over-stepped a mark or delivered incorrectly we believe that the best ideas can come from anyone who has thought deeply about a problem.


Stick with it

We believe that persistence, positivity and patience will ultimately allow us to achieve great results. To that extent, those who elect to join the RunWithIan community have the rare combination of an insatiable desire to succeed but also the willingness to stick it out through the ups and downs of the journey.

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