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#RunWithIan Gut Health Recipe Pack for Runners
  • #RunWithIan Gut Health Recipe Pack for Runners


    As runners a diverse gut microbiome is beneficial for your health. That’s because different types of bacteria perform a variety of jobs in your colon, and thus, microbial diversity helps control your metabolism and in turn, your body weight.


    What is gut microbiome dysbiosis?


    However, if your intestinal environment is imbalanced, it can cause what is known as dysbiosis, and that’s not good for anyone. It can mean that you have lower levels of beneficial bacteria, more opportunistic pathogens, or reduced diversity — all of which can have an impact on your body.


    Altogether, this can negatively impact your health and may even explain why you put on weight more easily than other people. But like your weight, gut microbial health is also influenced by your lifestyle. That’s right, food and exercise are also important for the diversity of your gut bacteria.


    This #RunWithIan Gut Health Recipe Pack is designed to keep you on track and support your recovery, running and training efforts. Each of the 13 recipes includes instructions on how to make each dish, what to buy and a handy scannable bar code link to use with the MyFitnessPal App so tracking your calorie and macro splits couldn't be more simple.

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