Want a faster 5km time?

Updated: Jan 3

29 Considerations to help you up your 5km training game...

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced, committed runner with plenty of 5km race experience why not review the #tips and #considerations below and see if they can help you. Feel free to share this post with a friend or in your running club social pages...

  1. Set a reasonable, achievable #5km goal/target time

  2. Schedule a sensible training volume and intensity

  3. Strengthen and train all your 5km running muscles

  4. Slow down your distance runs

  5. Introduce longer repetition/pace efforts faster than your target pace into your Tempo runs

  6. Include VO2 max workouts in your schedule

  7. Schedule short repetitions/intervals 2-3 times a month and on softer ground or grass

  8. Add plyometrics and drills

  9. Include Hills in your distance runs

  10. Lengthen your long run and slow it down

  11. Try and improve your days running downhill

  12. Make sure to perform goal pace training runs at the right time, typically once a month and as part of your schedule

  13. Run a 5km tune up race perhaps using a Parkrun

  14. Talk to a Coach about what you need and what you can commit to

  15. Avoid the ‘magpie syndrome’ and focus on your goals and don’t get side-tracked with other races. If you run too hard, too much - you will leaving your best effort in training and not achieve your potential for the time period you are focussed on

Lifestyle & running technique:
  1. Eat a runners diet. Check out these running specific recipe packs: https://www.runwithian.com/nutrition

  2. Run light, check your form

  3. Learn to race in racing shoes / flats and make sure you have the correct clothing for the day

  4. Sleep, rest, recover effectively

  5. Review your non-running activities and hobbies

  6. Drink more water

  7. No alcohol or artificial stimulants

  8. Think like a Professional, act like a Professional and avoid the negative self-talk and self-sabotaging behaviours

  1. Insert a mini taper into your Training Plan