The #ultimate RunWithIan #ultra Training Package launched for A Coventry Way 2021

Updated: Jan 7

Early bird price = £160 per entrant, raising to £225 on 1 February 2021. Act now!

Some questions for you:-

- Want to run an ultra in 2021?

- Perhaps your first?

- Maybe your second one or... twentieth?

- Don't want to get lost?

- Want to prepare properly and reduce the risk of injury?

- Concerned about your pacing, hydration and/or your fuelling strategy?

- eek! I don't have a fuelling & hydration strategy???

- Want some tips from those who have done it countless times and set records on the course?

- Want some training purpose in 2021?

Well look no further!

Here is your answer:

The RunWithIan 'Get Ready for A Coventry Way 21 Training Package'

Okay, so let's get one thing straight, this solution does not include entry to the official event scheduled for 11 April 2021, which like so many running events is full.

The process starts with you selecting a date you want to run an unofficial #RunWithIan 'A Coventry Way' between April and October 2021 together with Ian.

Group sizes will be limited based on UK Government, Coronavirus guidance at that point in time.

This specially designed training solution relies on you working with Ian to assess your condition online pre-event and understand your capabilities and goals.

Ian will then compile a realistic training plan unique to you that accounts for your lifestyle, time available to train and enables the adequate testing of trail shoes, socks, hydration packs and how to eat on the run.

.gpx route files can also be shared as an option for the running watch/tech savvy amongst you.

You then execute your Training Plan of between 12 and 20 weeks in duration with regular check-in's with Ian via What's App / Zoom.

Other experienced RunWithIan Members will be on hand to lend support via The RunWithIan Private Members page on Facebook.

Included in the fee are four, guided by Ian, training training runs lasting approx 2.5 hours each and breaking down approximately one quarter of the course each time.

Running the course in sections ahead of time enables you to experience the terrain first-hand and learn what to expect from the course. Training run dates vary and are by agreement with each client.

10-days out from the event, you will receive guidance notes emailed to you on what to eat pre-event and how best to prepare for your #ultra adventure and make the best of the day.

The focus will be on team work and everyone making it.

On the day itself you will be met by Ian, and if Coronavirus guidelines allow, other group runners with whom you will share this very memorable day.

Please note I am often supported by an able, friendly helper and experienced ultra runner depending on group sizes and weather conditions.

After the event you will have a check-in with Ian online a few days later to maximise your recovery and debrief from your amazing accomplishment. Yes, that recovery will involve eating cake!

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If you want a personal Training plan of up to 100 miles in length for another challenge please do not hesitate to contact me at

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