RunWithIan Service update: More classes, more runs, more options

So the UK lockdown period comes to end at midnight GMT on Tuesday, 1 December and many of you have been asking what #RunWithIan Services you will be able to access from Wednesday, 2 December?

Following the recent changes to UK Government guidance below is a summary of the changes effective Wednesday, 2 December 2020:- All in-person Group Runs will be reinstated but sessions limited to 6 participants from Wednesday, 2 December, this includes: - Monday Night Natter - 'Run The Clock' Coventry & Leamington - Stoneleigh Stomp - Hatton Locks Trail Run - 5 Villages, 10 Miles Trail Run - 12 Bridges, 10 Mile Trail Run - The Warwickshire Trail Run

- Sunday Night Head Torch Run - Hills are our Friends - Saturday and Sunday Morning Saunter All in-person Outdoor Strength Training for Runners Classes will be reinstated from Wednesday, 2 December but limited to 6 participants; each Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and the occasional Sunday.

In addition, RunWithIan Online Strength Training Classes will continue but attendance capped to 99 participants but with more attendance options to choose from including new classes on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday as well as Friday and Sunday. To manage capacity levels, I have doubled the class schedule and respectfully ask those of you attending more than 10 classes per week to be mindful of others trying to book and secure a spot. That being said, the same booking policy stays in place; 'first come, first served' until we can increase numbers to greater than 6 participants per class.

Existing Couch to 5k Customers will be delighted to read that Group Runs will resume on Friday, 4 December at 17:30 GMT and for those moving up a distance to the 5-10k range will be pleased to read that the Saturday Morning Saunter is back from Saturday, 5 December.

Brand New Couch to 5k Customers will be welcome for our first run together at 16:30 on Friday, 4 December. I really can't wait to start working with you all. Send me an email or call me if you have any questions ahead of time please.

The next new 2021 Couch to 5k intake is scheduled for Tuesday, 5 January 2021 at 11:00am which is ideal for those who are looking for a daytime engagement.

RunWithIan Customers who had booked on 'A Coventry Way Guided Ultra' Challenges on 10 & 27 November respectively have had their bookings transferred with their agreement to 29 December or a 2021 published date to include 10 January, 26 February, 19 March & 3 April 2021. Customers who had booked on to the 'Not The Venice Guided Marathon' on 26 November have had their booking transferred to 20 December 2020 with their agreement. The New Year's Eve Half Marathon in Stratford-upon -Avon remains open for entries now but includes revised event timings and pacing estimates. Private RunWithIan Clients who reside in Warwickshire and run with me on a one-to-one basis, meet me for Strength Training or advice remain unaffected provided we meet outdoors. Regrettably, I am unable to meet in your house or office space. Customers overseas in the USA, Canada, Holland, Brazil, Hungary, Poland and South Africa remain unaffected and all Online Services continue as normal however, please note there is a more cost effective International Membership Plan available for those attending online only with more times and dates to choose from. Customers wanting Private services, e.g. Pacing or to experience Strength Training on a one-to-one basis or for me to accompany and Guide them on a run and who reside in Warwickshire are still able to book Services with me directly. Bronze, Silver & Gold Membership sales have been resumed until further notice including the very popular Bronze gift membership. Please note; annual membership prices will increase by approx. 35% on Monday, 14 December including gift memberships. Existing customer are unaffected by this change and annual renewals scheduled for 2021 are also unaffected, meaning you won't pay more than you are doing so now.

Clients on bespoke Nutrition or Weight Loss Plans remain unaffected and we will continue to meet online and work on our goals together.

The RunWithIan Shop remains open for merchandise sales. An additional 15% off is available through midnight Monday, 30 November with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY15. Customers who had signed up for a 1-Month Free Trial have had their trial period extended pro-rata to terminate n+ 30 days. This period mirrors the duration of the lockdown in England ending 2 Dec 2020. By way of example, if you started your 1-Month free trial on 23 October your new trial period expiry date will now be 23 December 2020.

The 1 Month Free Trial will not be available from 1 December 2020 and will be reduced to 10 days in duration.

15 Day Run Streak Challenge Run Streak participants should keep an eye out for The RunWithIan Advent Challenge stating 1 Dec. Details to follow shortly.

To buy a bespoke training or nutrition plan customised to your needs, book a run with me for one hour or a block of 4 runs click here:

Finally, a number of festive group runs will be added to the calendar over the holiday period so make sure to keep an eye on your inbox, the run with Ian Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

Thanks all for your continued support, friendship and suggestions. Please note I may be required to make further changes to Services with little or no notice as the situation unfolds for all of us - Ian 😊🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️ Email:

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