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Updated: Sep 27, 2020

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Winner announced Saturday, 3 October 2020.

Typically, when a baby reaches 8 weeks old it can probably lift his or her head up 90 degrees when its' on its' stomach. The baby is also getting good at remembering things. He or she may smile when you walk into the room; a clear sign of recognition - and Baby's love repetition, such as listening to the same books over and over or following the same daily sleep-play-eat routine. This actually helps boost memory and brain function and get better at every day tasks.

#RunWithIan is not dissimilar in many ways. I have been developing my brain function and learning from repeat experiences to deliver better products for you all.

In the last 8-weeks I have been treading my baby steps and have set up a new legal entity, a website, a booking's system, found suppliers for products and the online store, engaged the support of amazing partners and launched ten different group runs in 6 locations, one strength and conditioning class, an ultra-Marathon, a Marathon and an evening talk/social series. I have also set up a presence on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The repetition of some of the runs and classes has taught me a great deal about what you enjoy, what you all aspire to, what you don't like and more importantly what you all expect for the future despite the changes in weather, terrain and guidance from governing bodies.

So let me take this opportunity to say thank you to all of you. From everyone who has enquired, to those spending their hard earned money with me in the UK, France, Spain, South Africa, Canada, Holland and the USA.

I am particularly grateful to handful of honorary, life-time members who continue to love and support me regardless of what life throws at us but I am most grateful to everyone who continues to give me feedback and helps me with copywriting, web edits, route and timing suggestions and ideas for the future. Despite the constraints that CV-19 imposes upon on our lives, it seems we can make this work for all of us and are actively doing so.

So here is to the next 8 weeks! A toast to learning and failing fast and locking in success like a baby and doing it with a gurgle and a smile;- to smarter training, to better sleep, to better bodies, to healthier diets, to drinking more water, to better friendships and to smashing Personal Best's and to making great memories.

Whether you have never run before, are on a fitness improvement journey, are embracing a new running philosophy or consider yourself a committed runner, thank you for being part of the RunWithIan family. Whatever your goals I am here to help.

If you are one of the 78 new RunWithIan family members and would like to leave a review or send me a race report for the Blog pages then either use this link or write to me at with your submission for publication by 30.09.2020 and I'll enter you into the free prize-draw.


Ian 26.09.2020

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