Jill runs a solo 50km to prepare for Race To The Tower

Much loved RunWithIan family member Jill Miles ran an outstanding 50.3km Thursday, 2 June in 8 hours 45 mins as part of her preparation for one of the UK's most iconic ultra-marathons Race to The Tower (RTTT).

RTTT is scheduled for the 25th and 26th of June 2022. During that time, Jill will aim to complete a tough Trail Marathon each day for two days consecutively winding her way through leafy Cotswold villages, taking in an ancient burial ground and finally onto Broadway Tower. Those of you who know that part of the world will know just how magical the landscape is.

Jill (57 and pictured) joined RunWithIan back in October 2021 has steadily improved her base endurance from three, 25-minute runs each week to an outstanding 5-6 runs, started strength training with me, varied her pace, kept up her love of swimming and has completed over 1000 running KMs and at the same time climbed the height of Mount Everest in training.

Jill has also quadrupled her water intake during that period, focussed on her sleep, nutrition and well-being goals.

At the same time Jill has also learnt to run hills, navigate off-road, bought and tested a new running watch, trail shoes, backpack and more suitable trail clothing .

Jill will openly admit learning to eat on the run was her biggest challenge but one I can safely say she has now mastered.

I am very proud of Jill. Jill is an inspiration. Join me in wishing her way for her amazing adventure!

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