High Protein Pancake Recipe to fuel your post #run recovery and boost your immune function 😋

#PancakeDay, or #ShroveTuesday, is the traditional feast day before the start of #Lent on #AshWednesday. Lent – the 40 days leading up to Easter – was traditionally a time of fasting and on Shrove Tuesday, Anglo-Saxon Christians went to confession and were “shriven” (absolved from their sins).

A bell would be rung to call people to confession. This came to be called the “Pancake Bell” and is still rung today.

In later years #Pancakes were made and have become a traditional family dish on Shrove Tuesday particularly in the United Kingdom.

That being said, delicious as they are, pancakes aren't that helpful to those of us following high-protein diets so why not try this take on the classic that takes the #Protein percentage from approx 5-10% to 35%?

Remember: Your body uses protein to build and repair body tissues, to make enzymes, hormones, and is used as important building blocks of bones, blood, skin, cartilage and muscles. Protein assists in energy metabolism and cellular processes, and also defends the body against disease via optimal immune function.

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