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Competitive Trail Running Events get the Green Light to go ahead in England !

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Today, 7 October 2020: England Athletics in conjunction with the Trail Running Association (T.R.A.) announced that Trail competition in England is now allowed for races with no limit on the number of competitors, provided that the event is managed in a #Covid-19 secure environment.

Today's guidance notes that 'because England Athletics is recognised as the membership body for the sport in England, the #ruleofsix limit does not apply in such circumstances'.

The T.R.A. is now able to issue permits for trail races in England that are managed in accordance with this guidance,

In practice this means event organisers such as #runwithian can run #trailrunning events unlimited in distance for adult runners provided that:

  • a named Covid-19 coordinator for the event is appointed

  • Race organisers present a Covid-19 Risk Assessment and an Event Plan detailing how they will adhere to the Covid-19 secure guidance and how they will work with the return to competition guidance with their permit application

  • that all activity will comply with Government guidance around social distancing before, during and after activity

  • that all participants, officials, guests and volunteers present at the event to complete and present a pre-event health self-assessment

  • that additional communication with participants to update them on arrangements made by an event to mitigate against the risk of catching Covid-19 is effectively presented

  • that a competition will take account of any local conditions or restrictions, and of any national conditions or restrictions that may be introduced, so at the time of writing don't expect to see a Trail Running Event in Liverpool, UK for example.

This list is not exhaustive but for those who want more detail click here.

RunWithIan supports this guidance, and urges all Members, trail runners, and race organisers to follow the advice.

Watch this space for more updates and some more Trail Running events being added to the RunWithIan Calendar soon!

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