Annual #runwithian Bronze Membership Package moves faster than #Kipchoge!

I'm not sure why; maybe it's priced too low, but in the last 24 hours, I have 13 of you (admittedly some of you participate in my focus group) buy the RunWithIan Annual membership package for £99/year.

Yes, I know you get a technical T-shirt of your choice in navy blue, cyan or yellow and yes, I know you get access to every class, group run or talk* and yes, I acknowledge you like the blogs and articles but I am still at a loss as to why?

I also know some of you will be heading to #Coventryrunner for a gait analysis sessions on their treadmill (refundable if you buy shoes) because you need a new set of treads and also qualify for the 10% store and online discount.

The only conceivable reason I can imagine is that I have missed a requirement in my research or priced the package too low.

To date, have told me:-

  • you can't do Parkrun

  • your bin man has been working harder to recycle your wine bottles

  • you have 'virtual race fatigue'

  • your gym or sports club is closed (or at best partially open but there is little or no atmosphere)

  • you have changed your approach to exercise and can now use the middle of the day

  • your disappointed there have been no real races

  • Marathons are gone, XC is next

  • some of you have lost weight, some of you have put more on

  • some of you have been running alone or in small friendship groups and doing your own thing but without structure and in fear of reprisal online by increasingly stressed key board warriors you once thought friendly and supportive

  • you are cancelling magazine subscriptions to running related titles

  • you are buying more running related books and watching more running related content on Instagram and YouTube/Vimeo

  • you a have spent more money on home gym equipment

  • you want to help your loved ones get fitter and become less injury prone

Add to this list that Personal Trainers and Running Clubs are now being taxed for using local parks and it is clear to see that if you want to start running, maintain your performance or improve it, the landscape has changed.

I know of one group that has been meeting for coffee and cake and talking running only, and --, they have done no running what so ever during #lockdown

Some of you have even set up your own online support networks and What's App groups etc. I get all of this!

So let me say thanks. I will continue to listen, to adapt, to serve and help.

The Bronze Annual RunWithIan Membership costs £99/year. If you attend one class or one run per week that works out at £1.90 per class, twice a week 95p and so on...


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