A Coventry Way - Race report by Penny Rusbridge

I had known Ian for about a year before joining Kenilworth Runners and at that time I was a member of another running club but wasn't improving in terms of race times. I was getting slower and also fed up. I contacted Ian for tips on how to improve pace which happened. 

I was in touch with him getting lots of useful tips then I joined Kenilworth Runners and my running improved then lockdown happened. Races that time that I had planned to do in March to June were cancelled got disappointed despite running everyday. I felt like I was getting slower and not enjoying it. 

Then my birthday came. I set myself a goal of wanting to run 42 miles and didn't know how it was going to happen and I am not very good at directions so didn't want to do it on my own. 

Over the last month there have so been so many brilliant enjoyable runs including running my first ever ultra Coventry way on the 21st August.

I can honestly say that doing Coventry way was brilliant and would definitely do it again!!! Got to the War Memorial in Kenilworth for 6.55am and set off towards the start of the route near Frythe close.

The first bit was fairly comfortable but after running for 4 hours started to fade so we stopped at a pub where I had a cup of tea (with sugar) shared chips between Ian and myself.

I then got a bit more colour in my face and carried on round the route and realised that I had not eaten enough the first bit.

We carried on along the route making sure I ate; running through beautiful countryside. We had another stop at the Red Lion. Honestly, chocolate brownie and ice cream never tasted so good!

The highlight of the day was seeing Tanya and Matt along the Kenilworth Greenway; this was a real boost for me. We carried on down to the end of the route. 42 miles later in about 10 or 11 hours. Still can't believe that I am an ultra runner!!

Thank you so much Ian for all your incredible support, motivation and encouragement throughout the day and believing in me. Would I do it again? Most definitely and be better prepared. 

Like I said it was hard to choose a run to review as they have all been brilliant.

My heart is so full of gratitude to all that you do to support and encourage each one of us.

I have now got my love for running back and know that there is so much more for me that I can invest in others. Looking forward to what is to come.

I can honestly recommend you to anyone who feels stuck as a great running coach who will enable you to reach your goals.


Author 🖊 Penny Rusbridge

Camera 📷 Penny Rusbridge

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