2021 Ultra Training Opportunities Announced

Looking for a trail run the spring, summer or autumn of 8-40 miles in length to support your training?

A Coventry Way (ACW)

With the disappointing news that the official round of 'A Coventry Way' on 11, April 2021 has been cancelled, bookings for the unofficial #RunWithIan guided rounds of the same route have steadily been coming through in the last 12 hours.

For those interested in running your 40-mile adventure with me there still some places available on the following dates:-

- Saturday, 3 April 2021

- Friday, 30 April 2021

- Friday, 14 May 2021

- Friday, 25 June 2021

- Thursday, 29 July 2021

- Friday, 6 August 2021

- Saturday, 11 September 2021

- Wednesday, 29 September 2021

See here for more details on RunWithIan guided rounds of A Coventry Way.

A Coventry Way Training Runs

For those of you whom have already kindly signed-up to join me on one of those dates either on an 'event entry only basis' or as part of the 'Get Ready for ACW Training Package!' you can now boost your training efforts with four guided, trail runs to choose from.

Each Training Run varies between 8 and 14 miles in length and is held on the A Coventry Way Challenge course. Run all four parts with me and you will have completed a round albeit at different times and on different days.

ACW Training Run Dates

- Part 1 - from Meriden to Kenilworth 7.7-miles or 12.4km

Attendance limited to 1 participant:

- Sunday, 24 January 08:00am

- Sunday, 21 February 12:00 midday

Group attendance limited to 5 participants:

- Saturday, 13 March 12:00am

- Sunday, 28 March 08:00am

- Friday, 16 April 16:30pm

- Sunday, 25 April 13:00

- Saturday, 15 May 13:00

- Saturday, 6 June 13:00

- Saturday, 10 July, 13:00

- Saturday, 7 August 13:00

- Part 2 - from Kenilworth to Wolston 11.4-miles or 18.3km

Attendance limited to 1 participant:

- Sunday, 31 January 08:00am

- Saturday, 20 February 10:00am

Attendance limited to 5 participants:

- Saturday, 10 April 07:00am

- Saturday, 1 May 07:00am

- Sunday, 6 June 07:00am

- Sunday, 18 July 10:30am

- Sunday, 15 August 10:30am

- Part 3 - from Wolston to Bedworth 12.4-miles or 20km

Attendance limited to 1 participant:

- Sunday, 7 February 08:00am

- Saturday, 27 February 11:00am

Attendance limited to 5 participants:

- Saturday, 17 April 11:00am

- Tuesday, 27 April 15:00pm

- Saturday, 5 June 11:00am

- Sunday, 4 July 07:00am

- Saturday, 31 July 11:00am

- Saturday, 28 August 11:00am

- Part 4 from Bedworth to Meriden 8.8-miles or 14.2km

Attendance limited to 1 participant:

- Sunday, 14 February 08:00am

- Saturday, 6 March 11:00am

Attendance limited to 5 participants:

- Monday, 5 April 13:00pm

- Sunday, 13 June 07:00am

- Sunday, 11 July 07:00am

- Sunday, 8 August 11:00am

Also, many of you I am coaching are also targeting ultra runs of up to 100 miles in length this year and may also appreciate the opportunity to practice in company, with your event kit and learn to eat and drink on the go by leveraging the schedule above.

These four ACW training runs above plus The WaLK (a 20 mile trail run), The Not The Venice Marathon from Birmingham to Warwick along The Grand union Canal and the very popular and unofficial version of The Forest of Arden Trail Marathon are all good options for your spring, summer and autumn plans.

Priority for the ACW training runs up until the end of March will be given to those running ACW with me on 3 April, 30 April and 14 May as I am only able to run with one other participant. From 1 April onwards, I am aiming to run with 5 others.

You can also attend on an ad-hoc basis even if you are not a RunWithIan customer by paying between £12-65 per event.

As always, let me have your comments and questions please.


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