10 water-rich foods that help with hydration for runners

‘When the water well is dry, we understand the worth of water’.

Question : Imagine you are out on a #longrun and need #water 💧(or soon will), it’s lockdown or the middle of the night, when pubs and shops are shut or you are just miles from civilisation - where can you find fresh water?

Answer : A #churchyard. This is particularly true in England and Wales. Most Churches have an unlocked fresh cold water tap on the outside of the Church wall for visitors and those wishing to lay or refresh memorial flowers.

When you know your area well enough you can run from Church to Church with a hydration pack or flask you can refill, like this beautiful anglican St. John’s The Baptist chirch at Berkswell, in Warwickshire.

All of us need water. We all know the importance of drinking water but then why do so many of us not drink enough...? Make sure you do and become a #hydrationhero __ here is why:-

💧 helps reduce sugar cravings

💧 is a keep component in weight maintenance

💧 improves exercise performance

💧 reduces headaches and migraines

💧 helps us sleep better (if we dont drink too much before bed)

💧 reduces constipation

💧 avoids painful kidney stones

💧 improves energy levels & reduces the onset of anxiety

💧 improves the look of our skin

Please also remember that water is not the only source of water, you may want to consider supplementing your diet with water-rich foods that help with hydration.

Here is my top-ten list of water-rich foods for #runners:-

  1. Watermelon

  2. Peaches

  3. Oranges

  4. Cucumber

  5. Lettuce

  6. Soups or broths

  7. Cabbage

  8. Tomatoes

  9. Cottage cheese

  10. Strawberries

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